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April 5, 2012

Swipe card Attendance system

The swipe card attendance system keeps the attendance records up to date with time management of each staff member. Swipe card attendance system records an employee’s all sequence of time such as at what time he/she arrived at work, the duration of lunch or tea breaks, at what time the employee left the office, etc. [...]

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Written by: BioEnable
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Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Access Control eNBIOAccess-T3

eNBioAccess-T3 a new fingerprint attendance and access control system which offer advance functions and works with exit reader.I will be used for security , industrial applications and IT Environments where the ease of use and ...
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Protected: GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
by Jitendra J


Bluetooth Low Energy Module

Bleutooth Low Energy Module cum Tag Bluetooth Low Energy Module comes with replaceable battery and an external wire that may be connected to external equipment to receive Digital Input. The Bluetooth low energy device is suitab...
by Wireless Integrated



BioEnable’s RFID Based Drug Tracing System (DTS) For Healthcare Industries.

In all dispensing sites, between the time a pill rolls off a production line and is encased inside a bottle at a manufacturing plant to the moment that medication is ingested by a patient, various packagers, primary and seconda...
by Wireless Integrated


Blood Bag Monitoring with Wireless Sensors

Wireless Integrated offer Small coin size Sensors that not only monitor the Temperature/Humidity of each bag of blood but also log it for the entire life of the bag. These Sensors communicate directly with the Mobile App on a S...
by Wireless Integrated


BioEnable has launched Person Locating System

BioEnable  Person Locating System can be used to automatically identify and track the location of people in real time usually within a building or other secured area.Wireless tags are worn by people, and the readers are fixed ...
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RFID Based Parking Management System Kit

RFID based parking management system is designed to efficiently control the entrance and exit gates of parking facilities within a wide range of read distances. The most notable benefit of RFID parking management solutions is t...
by Wireless Integrated


Anti Sleep Alarm System(For Security Guards) Kit

The Anti Sleep Alarm System is developed for security guards to keep them alert at every time. It can also be used for patient ,asset tracking and others who have to sit in one place for long periods of time without any stimula...
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Gill and Qualcomm collaborates to build next gen wireless power technology

USA: According to a recent news, Gill Electronics has announced it has signed an agreement with Qualcomm for Gill to obtain rights to develop, manufacture, and sell wireless power products for the... [[ This is a content summar...
by Nabanita Bhattacharya