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rfid pdf

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Laptop Anti-theft system

Laptops are very popular in office but many are stolen every year. Wireless Integrated has developed a Laptop Anti-theft device along with a central monitoring system that works independent of the laptop software and can be us...
by Wireless Integrated


Jewellery anti-theft RFID for Stores

Wireless Integrated has developed a unique Jewellery Anti-theft system for Jeweler stores based on Wireless RF technology that not only work as an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system but also an long range RFID syste...
by Wireless Integrated


Lone Worker Protection- RTLS ID Badge

RTLS ID Badge for Lone Worker Protection  is a solution for real-time location tracking(RTLS) of employees, security staff and workers. Security staff & Workers many a times work alone or in harsh/unsafe environment. They ...
by Wireless Integrated


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