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August 8, 2013

Parents Use GPS Tracking On Their Children

In an age of technology and independence, some parents have turned to GPS tracking to monitor their children’s whereabouts and activities. Although the practice can be controversial, some say that it is the best option they have found.

The Problem

Technology and a changing culture have given young people more independence than they have ever had before. Nearly every teenager owns a smartphone and thus has access to a whole world of activities and possibilities. Concerned parents want to be sure that their children are safe and that they are not engaged in behaviors that could harm them. Some parents try to accomplish this through frequent calls to their teen or questioning him about his activities. Unfortunately, these methods may produce resentment as the youth’s friends may tease him about his overprotective parents. Some teens even lie outright about where they have been or what they’ve been doing.

The Solution 

To combat these difficulties, many parents have turned to technology for help in monitoring the activities of their children. Enabling the GPS tracking feature of a teen’s smartphone allows the parent to know where it is at all times. When a child claims that he has been kept late at school or has an extra sports practice, a check of his GPS location can support or contradict his story. In addition, some parents have gone so far as to install spyware on their child’s phone. A parent who is using this kind of software receives a constant stream of information about his son’s activities. He knows the numbers his son calls or texts and the Internet sites that he visits.

The Objections

Some individuals feel that GPS tracking and spyware monitoring of young people is taking parental responsibility too far. They argue that simply trusting the child will be more likely to keep him from unwise activities. Others admit to the positive side of GPS technology but draw the line at the installation of spyware. 

While spying on your child may have an odd ring to it, it seems to be a wise precaution against the many dangers prevalent in our day. GPS tracking of a child could allow a parent to provide rapid assistance in an emergency, or even locate a teen who has become incapacitated. Good communication between a parent and child is ideal, but the use of technology can be another useful tool.

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Written by: Nichole Decoust
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