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March 11, 2013

GPS Tracking Dashboard


Dashboard gives you and general description and activity of vehicle. Complete identification like Vehicle Name, Device ID, GSM number of device, Max Speed of vehicle, distance and time taken, stationary hours of vehicle and average speed of vehicle for day is described here. You will get tool tip once you move your cursor on the particular area

dashboard new6 GPS Tracking Dashboard

 Main Dashboard :

dashboard new3 GPS Tracking Dashboard

Different Reports & related charts :

reports dashboard GPS Tracking Dashboard

Sim Card dashboard :

sim card dashboard new 21 GPS Tracking Dashboard


User’s Dashboard :

user  dashboard 2 GPS Tracking Dashboard

Carrier & Device Dashboard :

carrier dahbsord GPS Tracking Dashboard


gps tracking dashboard GPS Tracking Dashboard

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  1. admin

    Amazing dashboard with relavent information and direct view on the google maps. I like this dashboard.

  2. admin

    I only need to see this dashboard once a day and get all my work done. Great work by GPSintegrated team

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