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April 6, 2013

GPS Sports Watch With Added Features Enhances Athletes’ Workouts

What do engineers previously employed at Nokia who are also workout warriors do with their time? Design one of most advanced GPS tracking sports watches to date, apparently. Featuring a detailed screen two inches wide and composed of Gorilla Glass, the Leikr displays its maps in color. Besides the given workout regimens and statistics options, the Leikr GPS sports watch also provides users with connection to the Endomondo web athletic community, Wi-Fi, a proprietary designed of-the-moment GPS tracking system, and an exceptionally long battery life (for the hard-core, long distance athlete).


Sports Watches’ Enhanced Quality Make Training Easier than Ever

As with many previous GPS sports watches, the new generation will maintain many of the usual features including workout route mapping, speed, direction, and altitude, and comparative statistics like best personal record, best lap time, and fastest pace to date. But, unlike the watches that are geared mostly toward running and triathlon athletes, this one will encompass cycling, hiking, and, because it will be not only water resistant but also significantly waterproof (level IPX8), swimming. Testers of the new sports watch technology are confident the Leikr GPS watch will even eventually support swimming stroke recognition because of its included “3-D accelerometer.” In addition, the new GPS sports watches differ from previous models in that, instead of the standard two to eight hours or so of battery power, their batteries are designed to last at least six hours before any post-release upgrades and provide as much as 24 nonstop hours of GPS accessibility.


The color screen will be backlit, so even in the most intense noon day sun the watch’s contrast resolution should adjust automatically. The choice mapping system used is Openstreet, free and downloadable, so users will not only have worldwide access to maps for route planning but will also be able to design or download their own customized ones. The creators of the GPS sports watch are designing it with the intention of Bluetooth connectivity as well as to other similar technologies. As mentioned before, the Leikr GPS sports watch is set to accommodate Wi-Fi, specifically uploading to the Endomondo platform, and will support .TCX files, enabling export compatibility with almost all like training electronic equipment.

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Written by: Claire Richards
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