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May 18, 2013

Bike Tracking











The GPSIntegrated  bike tracker has many great advantages over other industry trackers, which make it the perfect choice to use for all types of bike.

  • Protection of your bike
  • Protect your bike from theft with motion alert capability
  • If you are unlucky and your bike is stolen the GEO fence is a secondary alert
  • In addition you also have the live tracking feature so recovery percentage is greatly enhanced
  • Our web based system works just about anywhere in the world so if you are on holiday or taking part in a competition you are in control
  • Enhanced battery life
  • The tracker is small and very easy to conceal and the long battery life therefore makes covert concealment convenient
 Functionality with your Sport
  • You can track your speed and review this at any time
  • You can track your speed over distance
  • You can track your altitude
  • You can view your exact route in normal map mode, satellite mode and street view
  • The history function shows speed, direction, street, road or lat/long, altitude, distance traveled between pings etc
  • The tracker is very lightweight

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